Tuesday, 6 March 2012

How To Write Articles Quickly And Easily

What most people don't realise is that the work is already done for them, they don't need to come up with unique content from the top of their heads, they just need to look for what is already out there
and improve on it.

Every possible topic has been covered  by someone allready, but most of the time these people  do it for the fun of it, which is great for you and l.
While you can't steal these people's hardwork, you can use their ideas and learn from their content to write your own. You can become an expert in a subject to write a 750 word article on it in minutes if you have the write content in front of you.

If you need something to write about, here is a list of the top article directories;


Please don't steal other peoples work but have a look at what is written about in you niche topic and see how the articles are written and then rewrite in your own words that relates to your niche

The number 1 reason why loads of articles don't get published is, the article is full of spelling errors.
You will also want to make sure your article flows properly and makes perfect sense.
There is nothing worse then an article that either doesn't make sense, or leaves so much information out due to the  fear of giving too much away.

How do you get people from reading your article to going to your website?
Well, not only would you mention your site within yourarticle, you also have your article byline you can use for that purpose. For example:

"For a complete step by step guide to cook catfish and trout visit your.ste.com"

This way you make money from your website, you will also build tons of quality content over time
and you will have hundreds maybe even thousands of articles all over the Internet working for you around the clock and your site will do a heck of a lot better in the search engines due to all the incoming links!
All the best