Sunday, 12 February 2012

How to create great blog posts to be successful

Blogging is one of the most important things that you can do online for your business. Whether you're using a blog as the main website for your business, or you're using it as a traffic building device for other websites you need to learn to craft great blog posts.

Do you really know what a blog is and what it should do? Even if you have a blog, you may be missing the mark. I see a lot of bloggers out there who are making mistakes that are costing them money. There is a big difference between a blog and other types of website. Blogs are a way of communicating information but they are also about creating 'community'.                    

By paying attention to the quality of the blog you are creating and getting your audience involved, you'll be able to create a community. When you have a community, you have a ready market of buyers who will be more likely to purchase from you (or purchase your recommendations if you're an affiliate marketer).
If you think you can just throw a few articles up on your on your blog and be done with it, you're wrong! Standard sites with static article pages don't create community and they don't create a ready body of customers. A blogging platform is not just a substitute for HTML. If you use your blog like a regular site, you're leaving money sitting on the table.

Not only does your blog need to create community but it needs to be sticky as well. Stickiness is a term that web publishers use to describe the ability for your blog to bring return visitors.
Let's face it - there are a lot of websites out there from people to choose from! No matter what topic you choose, there are bound to be tons of other sites on the same topic. Your goal should be to make your blog stand out and get people coming back for more. When you create your blog and your posts, you have two
specific groups of people you need to be targeting - new visitors and old visitors. New visitors need to be able to instantly tell what your blog is about.This means that you need to have a tagline at the top of
your blog that explains your focus. This statement, displayed under the title of your blog, will give your new visitors an instant snapshot of what you're about. Make the sign up box for your RSS feed prominent and you'll get new subscribers.
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